Ms. JD’s Report on Women on Law Review

by Angela N. Johnson

Ms. JD is quickly becoming one of my most-visited websites as I research the subject of women in the legal profession.  There is a wealth of information and collaborative contributions to the site which bring information on a wide-array of topic areas.  Having the Ms. JD rss feed in my web browser has been a great way for me to stay current with the latest news. 

Ms. JD’s report on women on law review is very insightful.  Gender diversity data from general interest law reviews at the 2009 U.S. News “Top 50” law schools for the 2008-2010 academic years were analyzed and the results show that while overall percentages of women members of these law journals (44.3%) and women in leadership positions (46.2%) correlates strongly to the number of women awarded law degrees during the same time period (45.7% in 2008), the number of women editors-in-chief is disproportionately low (33%) (Ms. JD).  This study focuses on women in membership and leadership positions because these activities are seen as valuable in obtaining legal jobs, specifically prestigious federal judicial clerkships and academic appointments. Obviously, disparate representation at these levels can disadvantage women seeking prestigious jobs in the legal profession.  The report is well-written and concise, so I encourage you to take five minutes and check it out, here.

Source Citation: Ms. JD. “Women on Law Review: A Gender Diversity Report.” Survey. 2010.


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