Categories (Table of Contents)

Looking for information on a particular topic area?  Click on a category below to narrow your search. Categories (including sub-categories) can also be accessed on the right hand side of any webpage. 

Appearances.  This category includes information on women’s appearance as lawyers, both in pop culture and real life.  Question such as “does women’s attire matter?” and “are women discriminated against based on their physical appearance” may be answered here.

Career vs. Family.  For all posts related to juggling a career in the legal profession and family (also known as work/life balance).

Equal Pay.  Posts related to women lawyers’ pay gap can be found under this category.

Equality in Law Firms.  For all posts related to women’s struggle for equality in private practice.

History.  This category contains all entries related to the history of women in the legal profession from women’s inclusion into law school, as lawyers, and women’s appointments to the bench.  Also see my comprehensive Timeline which spans from 1638 to present and my post on women’s entry to state bars.

Judiciary.  This category addresses issues that impact the judiciary more broadly such as whether the judiciary is impacted by women’s inclusion or whether diversifying the judiciary impacts equal justice. For posts more specific to women serving as judges, see the Women as Judges category.

Jury Service.  This category includes posts on the impact women litigators have on jurors and women as jurors.

Law School.  Women as law students, scholars, and professors are included in this category.  Questions such as women’s inclusion in law school, experiences in law school, demographics, and more can be found here.

Television and Film.  Women lawyers and judges inn television and film are depicted quite differently than what is true-to-life.  Find out more under this category.

Women as Advocates.  This category includes information on courtroom dynamics and women working as litigators and prosecutors. I utilize the term “advocates” here to broadly address the role of women advocating for the interests of others in the court system.

Women as Judges. Demographics, history, and notable women on the bench can all be found here. Questions on whether women are disadvantaged in judicial elections, whether their decision-making is different than their male colleagues, and whether men and women experience different paths to judgeships can all be answered here.

Women as Law Clerks.  Demographics, discrimination in the selection process, and more.

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