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March 16, 2011

3rd Best Job for Women? A Lawyer

by Angela N. Johnson

Knowing that like many other jobs, women lawyers earn just 75% of their male counterparts’ salaries, it came as a surprise that Forbes Magazine chose the job of “Lawyer” as the 3rd best for women. According to the article, just 37% of working lawyers in the profession are women. Obviously, it will take years for the demographics of law students to mirror the demographics of working lawyers. But 37% still seems quite low since women comprised just 37% of law students in the 1982-1983 school year and have increased in proportion since then. The 1992-1993 school year has been the only year that women comprised a slight majority of law students, at 50.4% nationwide – but has since decreased, down to 46.9% in the 2007-2008 school year.

December 31, 2010

Progress (sort of)

by Angela N. Johnson

The ABA’s Commission on Women in the Legal Profession frequently reassess women’s progress in the legal profession.  The 2006 report compares statistics from 1994 to 2002 and includes highlights of the Commission’s 2003 Hearings. 

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