The purpose of this blog is to share my research on women in the legal profession.  More specifically, women working as lawyers.  If it is true that women make up roughly 50% of the average law school class, is it also true that women make up 50% of working attorneys?  Do the same number of female law graduates also make up the same number of working attorneys 5 years out of law school? 10 years out of law school?  What is causing the decline or discrepancy (if one exists)?  What improvements must be made? How can women lawyers work to overcome gender-based obstacles?  I hope to tackle these questions and more through my independent research project which will largely take place in the months of January-May, 2011. 

My primary goal is to not only gain a better understanding of the history of women as lawyers (as well as the current status and issues women lawyers face) but to also summarize my findings in such a way that the information I have gathered may be conveniently shared with others who are interested in this subject.  Because I have made this information available to you I ask a few things in return:

1) When citing any of the resources I have provided please give proper credit to the original authors. I have listed all sources at the end of each blog posting or you may consult the “source citations” page.

2) If you wish to cite any of my own original thoughts or ideas which I have provided in this blog, I ask that you give reference to this blog (and myself, as the author) accordingly.  To not do so would be plagiarism and would undermine my own work.

3) Please comment on my postings! I love to hear from you and your feedback and thoughts are always welcome (and greatly valued).

4) Please keep me in mind when you come across articles that are relevant to this site. I am always interested in new developments and would love to hear from you.


3 Comments to “Purpose”

  1. Is there a way for you to publish similar work on mba’s and women in business?

    • Hi Elisabeth – thank you for your comment. My project is related to women in law and the legal profession due to my own personal interest (I will be attending law school this fall). Though I think it would be a very great asset to have a similar research blog devoted to women with MBA’s and working in business. I imagine women in business experience many of the same issues as women in law. I would be happy to share any tips or advice I have on getting started to anyone else who would like to work on the business area.

  2. I too will be attending law school in the future. I applaud your efforts in your blog. I wish you all the best and will check back in regularly to read any new postings.

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