Stats at a Glance

Women Comprise:

47.45% of all law school applicants, 45.88% of all admitted students, (2010 LSAC data) 47% of all American law students (when including 1L, 2L, 3L, and 4L students) (2010 ABA data) yet, only 37% of law school professors (Association of American Law Schools’ Statistical Report on Law School Faculty And Candidates for Law Faculty Positions)

32.4% of all lawyers (Catalyst, 2010).

25% of federal judges (The American Bar Association’s “A Current Glance at Women in the Law”)

31% of state final appellate jurisdiction courts; 31% of intermediate appellate jurisdiction courts; 24% of state general jurisdiction courts; 30% of limited and special jurisdiction courts (National Association of Women Judges, 2010 Representation of United States State Court Women Judges).

15% of litigators who argue in the United States Supreme Court (Associated Press, January 20, 2011).

6 of the 20 attorneys in the U.S. Solicitor General’s Office (Associated Press, January 20, 2011)..

53.3% of all law clerks (46.9% of federal clerks and 56.1% of state clerks) (Ms. JD in the 2010 “Women in Law Review, a Gender Diversity Report)

1/3 of all combined U.S. Supreme Court law clerks since 1990 and 1/3 of the current 2010-2011 term clerks (Associated Press, January 20, 2011). 

19% of private practice partners and 45.3% of associates (Catalyst, 2010).

The Disparity:

Women lawyers made 75% of men lawyers’ salaries in 2008 (Catalyst, 2010).

Given the same rate of change, Catalyst estimates that it will take more than a woman lawyer’s (born in 2010) lifetime to achieve equality (Catalyst, 2010).

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